As opposed to the other diary entries, this final conclusive contemplation shall be succinct and laconic.
This is a general all-encompassing thank you to those people we have met, countries we have explored and cultures we have experienced.

Travelling over the prior nine months provided an elusive escapism from the mundane monotony of routine and banal familiarity. Most ignorant, superficial preconceptions of those unbestknown to you are absent on the road. The people we have met and befriended have been amongst the most genial, affable and amiable we have ever encountered in our lives. Although many served as deus ex machinas on our travels, offering momentary glimpses of insight or mild entertainment, hopefully many more will be part of an eternal relationship in our lives.

Over the forthcoming years whilst we are studying at university or working in a job, the pensive notion that a fluctuating microcosm of travellers are still flourishing across the globe will give us strength, hope and enlightenment. Life is there to be lived and we can now sincerely assert that we have seized an auspicious opportunity that required grace, courage and audacity.

Nevertheless, we have now reached a time where we yearn for our family and friends. Likewise, there are certain misdemeanours about travelling which we will be elated to abandon; hard mattresses, unkempt dorms, bed bugs, filthy showers, dirty clothes, damp towels, a monotonous diet comprised of pasta, ketchup and bread, interminable bus journeys, inconsistent sleep and a perennial invasion of privacy.
But these are, of course, sparse and inconsequential in comparison to the pristine perks.

Our lives will continue to expediently glide along, but these memories will linger in our hearts forever.

Thanks for reading.

Pepe and Jakey

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