And so it begins…

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! etc.
So, what a pristine start to the voyage. Not just Jakey but Pepe too was late for the shuttle flight to Heathrow airport. With magnificent strides of exuberant determination Big P (Pepe’s dad) ran to and fro, forward and back, trying to find the bemused Jacobs party. 35 minutes after the scheduled meeting time all was fortunately resolved as the two families entered each others paths. A few tears followed from Jakey’s mum and some subsequent “Oi Guvoutz” from Pepe’s grandpa, before the two vagabonds went their separate ways.
And so it begins…
We’re currently slumped in Heathrow airport watching the majestic planes take their flight from a vast, gaping window. Within the next 90 minutes we would have boarded our plane and finally embarked on our journey.
Pepe’s mind is filled with thoughts of lofty aspiration whereas Jakey is thinking about Thai massages.
The walkie talkies provided by the Jacobs household unfortunately do not function – quite like Pepe’s family – and so therefore we will have to purchase some new ones.

Until next time, I guess, bye.


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P.P.S. We’ve added a few photographs – click on the Gap Year Photo’s & Video’s link to your left hand side

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Pepe Jekey Written by:


  1. Ell
    October 8, 2005

    Man, you’rea decent writer! impressed! hope your having fun…Im not, I dont like work.

  2. BigP
    October 9, 2005

    Hey Ell – u r becoming a lazy so ‘n so !

  3. walker
    October 20, 2005

    Hmm interesting so far…… sounds like you little urchins are having a swell old time

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