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May 28, 2006

Jet-lag defies all rational forms of comprehension: We departed Fiji at 22:00 on the 20th April. After a fourteen hour flight we arrived in Vancouver at 19:00 on the same day. As a result of the abating time difference the first five days in Canada were primarily spent moping around, tired, lethargic and wanting sleep. Nevertheless, during this transitional period we managed to explore the venerated metropolis, visiting its eclectic array of markets, districts and suburbs. Vancouver’s street scape exuded the consummate North American aura whilst remaining distinctly Canadian. For such a pivotal and prestigious city it was relatively tranquil…

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April 22, 2006
March 9, 2006
January 20, 2006

Following our succinct flight from Singapore to Perth and several obtrusive quips by the airport staff pertaining our exposure to bucolic animals in Asia, we arrived at the ‘Comfort Hostel’. Such two words juxtaposed together would normally be inferred as an oxymoron, but to our elated delight, for budget accomodation, the Comfort Hostel was clean, warm, efficient, equipped, homely, hospitable, fun, affable, vivacious and…comfortable! There, we met the vacuous Martin Drue from Exeter – a recovering drug addict who decided to tour the gaping coasts and ruddy inlands of Australia with the intention of overcoming his tumultuous past. Now, seven…

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November 28, 2005

Nineteen days, four countries and one hundred & twenty nine hours in transit later, we have finally completed our circuit of South East Asia. Whether it was just a local farmers cattle truck or a decadent bus bereft of air conditioning, we managed to commute with a turbulent frenzy from country to country, city to city and bus to bus. First, there was Laos. The pristine condition of their capital city, Vientiane, epitomised the genial nature of the country. Although our visit was brief and untimely, it was one, surprisingly, of pacifying comfort. Outside the capital we also explored the…

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October 31, 2005

Three islands later and we have finally returned to Bangkok: – Koh Phag Ngah had panoramic beaches and winding roads – Koh Samui had a stir and an airy buzz amidst its plethora of bars and diverse array of prostitutes (all HIV positive, of course) – Koh Tao had…well, Koh Tao had nothing really. The succinct bus journey to our first destination, Koh Phag Ngah, comprised of only 11 hours, followed by another 2 hour boat journey. Although the duration was nearly unendurable, it was appeased via the whimsical entertainment provided by the obscure and polarised couple from…France. According to…

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October 11, 2005

Five days into the voyage and we are still learning about the modes, attitudes and conducts of travelling. Before we left, on several occassions, we were warned of the dissimilarity between the Thai culture and our own. What we were not forewarned about however was the perennial bleating of the ‘Tuk Tuk’ drivers, the toxic fumes of Bangkok (Pepe wants to purchase a filtering mask whereas Jakey wants to absorb even more of the wholesome air) and the dire state of the country’s taxi rank. Problem #1 – Duration into the trip: 20 minutes. After talking to our Japanese ‘father’…

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October 7, 2005