Month: August 2008

August 29, 2008

Travelling overland through China, one encounters an array of bathrooms. Do not envisage thrones replete with trinkets or sinks with saps, sanitizers and moisturisers. A sink is a luxury; soap, a myth reserved for Western movies. Yet, despite the disdain in having to clench your fists and discard your dignity, there is often no alternative. This is egregiously acute on long-distance bus journeys. The problem however is that hygiene abruptly becomes subordinated behind other concerns in such circumstances. Bulging bladders are placed on a pedestal of priority, yet, even such discomfort cannot conceal the horror – the sheer moral degradation…

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August 2, 2008

Take me back to Thailand. At least there, the buses played Western movies, regardless of how crass (Terminator Three was particularly popular whilst I was there in 2005). In China, different rules apply. Maybe it is because tourism is catered towards a domestic market, or perhaps, that they believe their own movies are of a permissible standard. Indeed, the ones which I have been exposed to are professional productions, replete with suspenseful scores, climatic sequences and astute directing. The problem however is that the Chinese media always appears to be imbued with a strong sense of nationalistic self purpose. Most…

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