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September 19, 2007

Oh! The horror! Whilst in Hong Kong I was frequently given stern and foreboding warnings about the degeneration which is prevalent in China. Traffic is relentless and uncompromising I was told; in fact, if a car happened to clip your heel, it would proceed to turn around and run you over for killing somebody is certainly cheaper than and less tedious than paying insurance premiums. If you ask for chicken in your soup people quipped, they will give you dog instead, not out of spite but because dog meat is more feasible than a chicken’s tender loins. People are rude…

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August 31, 2007

And now for something completely different. Following our departure from India, Jakey returned to Manchester whereas Pepe remained away from home in a far, distant land. Thus, we becomes me (hello!) and the blog continues from Hong Kong. My experience here has been wholly different to India. This is not solely because of its apparent disparity to India. Whilst yes, road traffic is somewhat civilised, neon lights glitter the streets and the food is sweet rather than spicy, my Hong Kong affair differs in the respect that I have spent the past three weeks working here as opposed to merely…

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